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Please read below comments from some of the authors I have worked with.

Quotes Felicia made me see my writing in a completely different way. I was amazed by how such small changes could make the story so much better and increase the pace. I'd definitely work with Felicia again and highly recommend her services to others. Quotes
Kelly Hashway
Author of Into the Fire

Quotes When I decided to publish my work, I almost didn't hire an editor at all. I had very strong ideas about how my characters should sound, especially the protagonist who narrated the bulk of the story. I was afraid I'd get into long, complicated disagreements with an editor who would insist on changes that watered down the style that had taken me so long to find. Felicia completely understood what I was trying to do. She suggested changes that made the language more readable while preserving the characters' voices. When we disagreed, Felicia always took pains to show respect and patience. I feel lucky to have found her. Quotes
Jason Ryan Dale
Author of The Dead Pond

Quotes I used Felicia to edit two of my novels, the first of which I self-published without the use of a professional editor. This turned out to be a big mistake, as it is absolutely essential to use the services of a professional editor before publishing. And I must say, Felicia is the best! She's extremely professional, does a fantastic job of editing and cleaning up awkward prose without taking away or making changes to the story, and I couldn't be happier with her work. If you're on the fence about whether to hire an editor and whom to use, I urge you to hire Felicia as your editor - today - you won't regret it in the least. And her pricing compares very favorably with other editors as well - a win-win situation all around. I will certainly be using Felicia for my future works - she's the best! Quotes
Byron Tucker
Author of Winter Fall and Dark Summer

Quotes I was a little anxious about turning Felicia loose on my first professionally-edited novel. I was prepared for a traumatic, soul-baring experience, but it was none of those things. Felicia is personable and professional and I felt like my work was being carefully scrutinized without leaving me feeling like I was being judged personally. That's not an easy line for an editor to walk but Felicia does it with grace. The service is very worthwhile. Every mistake she finds is one less that might show up in a review casting your work as "amateurish". The use of a good editor can make your work indistinguishable from work coming out of a big publishing house and that's what you want. I would highly recommend her to anyone. I've already reserved a spot with her for the next book. Quotes
Franklin Horton
Author of The Borrowed World Series

Quotes Felicia was a joy to work with. She has good insight and an eye for details. I look forward to working with her again. Quotes
Jennifer Brozek

Quotes Exit Zero was my first book and introduction to the publishing world. Releasing your first manuscript to an editor is like releasing your first child to a kindergarten teacher; you are filled with both excitement and trepidation. Felicia was always professional, responsive and most of all, caring and understanding when working with a new author. I could not think of a better person to shape my book baby. Quotes
Neil Cohen
Author of Exit Zero

Quotes I had the great pleasure of working with Felicia Sullivan in preparing my Permuted Press novel KEZZIE OF BABYLON for publication. I found Felicia to be courteous, prompt, responsive and professional. Her suggestions were always spot-on and she displays an unerring instinct for bringing out the best in the people with whom - and projects on which - she works. I would be pleased to recommend Felicia's services to both publishers and independent authors alike and look forward to working with her again in the future. Quotes
Jamie Mason
Author, Kezzie of Babylon

Quotes Felicia Sullivan has now edited three of my books in less than a year. I've been told by someone very critical that my work keeps getting better and better, and I owe that to Felicia. Only a top-notch editor would take the time to teach their clients where they go astray and how to improve before it even gets into her hands. She's become a friend and a guide. Thank you, Felicia, I'll never go anywhere else! Quotes
Deborah in the UP of MI
Author of The Journal Series

Quotes I published my first book without an editor, and comments like this from readers made me squirm: "There are some grammatical errors, but since I'm sure this was self-published, it's forgiven." I realized my best wasn't good enough. I needed a real editor for my second book. That's when I found Felicia. She edited my second book, and here's what my readers are saying now: "I enjoyed a lovely time reading without screeching to a stop with a typo, misused or misspelled word or other failure of editing." And, "The writing style improved and seemed to have a smoother story line." I couldn't be happier with Felicia's work. She is friendly and fun, but still professional; a real pleasure to work with. The best thing was she enhanced my voice - my book sounded like me, but better. Thanks to Felicia's help, I feel like my second book is a professional caliber novel and I'll trust her with all of my editing in the future. Quotes
Author, Powerless Nation

Quotes Felicia is everything you need in an editor. She is professional, responsive, and easy to work with. She is transparent with and respectful of your work. She is flexible and sensitive to your goals and objectives, yet she holds nothing back. She will find your work's weaknesses and show you how to strengthen them, and she has the experience and expertise to uncover the vulnerabilities in your writing that you didn't even know were there. Errors and flaws can run and hide, but she'll find them. In short, she will bring the best out of you and help make your writing sparkle. Quotes
Author of Carrier, a sci-fi/horror novel
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  • "Felicia is the nicest, most straight to the point editor I have ever had the privilege to work with. Her comments were easy to follow and the turnaround time was the quickest I'..."
    Lyle Perez-Tinics
    Author/Book Reviewer
  • "Exit Zero was my first book and introduction to the publishing world. Releasing your first manuscript to an editor is like releasing your first child to a kindergarten teacher;..."
    Neil Cohen
    Author of Exit Zero
  • "Felicia is an amazing editor. She is thorough, professional and a delight to work with. I was extremely impressed with the speed and efficiency with which she worked in editing ..."
    Mandy White
    Author, Avenging Annabelle