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Please read below comments from some of the authors I have worked with.

Quotes Felicia has edited multiple books for me, and there's a reason why I keep asking for her from my publisher. She has that special eye for details that makes for a truly great editor, yet also knows just when to back away and not step on an author's particular style. Not only is that a great combination to have, it's also rare. I always know that when she has my manuscript it is in capable hands. Quotes
Derek J. Goodman

Quotes In my years of writing, I have worked with editors of all kinds. While some are awesome beyond words, there are those that give me a headache to think about. When I signed on with my publisher, I worried what kind of editor I would end up with this time. To my relief, I was assigned Felicia Sullivan. Not only is she the well educated professional so highly sought among editors, she is a genuine delight to work with. She cut where I needed cutting, without the snide comments or belittling remarks some editors feel they must make. She just went ahead and fixed the small things, rather than wasting both of our time remarking on every little error. She was able to recognize when something was an obvious slip of the fingers, and when something might be a mistake in line of thought. In short, she did a fantastic job and whipped my manuscripts into shape like never before! I hope we can work together for a long time still. I hesitate to share her with anyone else. I want her all for myself! Quotes
Pleased as punch!

Quotes Felicia was very fast, very thorough, and very fair. I didn't feel like my voice was being overpowered and she really saw things (several things) that I had missed. My book couldn't have been as good as it was without her and I would definitely use her services over and over and over again. Great job and see you for the next one. Gerald Dean Rice, author of Vamp-Hire Quotes
A Lovely Chore

Quotes I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the editor assigned to "fix" my book. Good grief, I had gone over it multiple times, what more could someone find that needed changing? That was my thought until Felicia came along. Change a word here, reverse them there, drop all those "but, as and just" (overused words I couldn't see). What Felicia sent back to me was almost as amazing as she is. The manuscript now reads smooth, concise and perfect! Working with her has been a delight; she took the time to talk to me, to understand the story and my feelings toward it. I'm delighted to know she will be my editor on the other books in the series. In fact, I'd be upset if she weren't! Felicia has changed my view on editors so much, that I will gladly hire her for editing my other fiction and non-fiction books that don't fit with this publisher. Felicia, THANK YOU! Quotes
Deborah D. Moore
Author, The Journal Series

Quotes The book Felicia edited for me is my fourth, but the first edited by her, and I think my search for an editor has finally ended. Felicia has a great eye for detail and a real knack for fixing the sentences so that the story flows better. She also finished my edit in record time, and informed me daily on her progress, which I really appreciated. I've already booked her for my next two books! Quotes
Author, The Grower's Gift (Progeny of Time #1)

Quotes This was my first novel and first time working with Felicia. I really had no idea what to expect. You think to yourself "What are they going to do to my story?" When I received the manuscript back with the initial edits (and I'll admit there were a lot of red) I was disappointed in myself. But as I read through the edits and saw what she had changed and how she had polished and improved the sentences, I realised that I could learn from her and perfect my writing skills. So what did Felicia do to my story? She made it better! Felicia is an incredible editor and not only improved my novel, but improved me as a writer. Quotes
Author of The Zombie Virus

Quotes When I got back the first edit of 'Irradiated', I started to go through it from start to finish. I found myself pressing 'accept change', over and over. So I decided to do a little experiment. I scrolled to a random section in my manuscript and read the original text. I then flicked to the edited version, and read that, too. Finally, I turned on the 'show markups' feature, to see what she had changed. I did this for multiple sections, from various chapters of the novel. The result? Every single sample flowed better with Felicia's edits. Whether she'd made one change, or a few, it was always the same. She has an eye for spotting what works. I shrugged my shoulders, hit 'accept all changes', and read the story from start to finish, instead. So, even if you think your novel is primed and polished--it can always be improved. Felicia is someone you can trust to do that. Quotes
Author of Irradiated

Quotes Another fantastic job by Felicia. She has edited four books for me and I have booked my next editing job in already. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Best editor you could hope to find, professional, quick and thorough. What more could you ask for! Thanks again, Felicia. Quotes
Murray McDonald
Indie Author

Quotes Felicia Sullivan edited the second book in my Brightling Becoming Series, and I can say with certainty I wish I had used her for the first one. I loved working with her. Her first commandment to me was "You can never write 'as I watched' again." writers you will understand when I state that as I watched her editing marks, corrections, etc., I paid close attention and used 99.9% of her recommendations. The few that I did not use had to do with voice. She's professional, she's good, she's thorough, and I'd like to add that she's cute...I know this because I read her bitstrips. Do I recommend her? 100%. Will I use her again? Ab so freaking lutely. Do I think she's awesome? Yes. Quotes
E.A. Fry
Author, Brightling Becoming Series

Quotes Okay, I'm impressed. I've been an editor myself for going on 20 years. I like to think that I wrote a very clean book, as far as grammar/punctuation goes. But it's really impossible for an editor to edit his own book, so I'm extremely glad I had Felicia Sullivan reading behind me. She cured my book BLOOD RED of many ills and bad habits. She pointed out overused words and turns of phrases. She fixed my reliance on punctuation that called attention to itself. In short, her attention to detail and even knowledge of the genre were indispensable. I look forward to working with her again. Quotes
Satisfied author/editor
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  • "Exit Zero was my first book and introduction to the publishing world. Releasing your first manuscript to an editor is like releasing your first child to a kindergarten teacher;..."
    Neil Cohen
    Author of Exit Zero
  • "Felicia is a consummate professional. I happily recommend her for any of your editing needs. Felicia's editing work took my book from merely okay to kick-ass!"
    Gareth C. Wood
    Author, Rise and Age of the Dead
  • "What I wanted from an editor was someone who was going to make me better. It's not enough to have someone fly through my work correcting errors but not teaching me to avoid them..."
    Jonathan Yanez
    Author of The Nephilim Chronicles, Thrive, and Others