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Please read below comments from some of the authors I have worked with.

Quotes A very able editor with an especially good eye for redundancies and dialogue, Felicia is also quite kind and gracious when it comes to working with the author. Judging from my experience, I can heartily recommend her services. Quotes
Jim Lavigne
Author, Plaguesville USA

Quotes Felicia A. Sullivan is friendly, professional and provides terrific service. She undoubtedly turned my book into a better product. Quotes
Kevin J. Burke
Author, The Last Mailman

Quotes Felicia is the nicest, most straight to the point editor I have ever had the privilege to work with. Her comments were easy to follow and the turnaround time was the quickest I've seen. I highly recommend her for all your editorial needs. Quotes
Lyle Perez-Tinics
Author/Book Reviewer

Quotes I recently hired Felicia to spearhead a major revision to my newly released novel, and couldn't be happier with the final product. Her extensive experience as an editor paid immediate dividends, as she suggested subtle, yet impactful changes to help several scenes flow more effectively, resulting in a marked improvement to the novel. Felicia's inside knowledge of the publishing and literary world has been invaluable. Far beyond exceptional editing services, she has been one of my novel's strongest advocates, actively promoting The Jakarta Pandemic among reviewers and her extensive social media network. Felicia's professionalism and easygoing personality made it a pleasure to work with her, and I can't wait to start her on my next rough draft. Without hesitation, I would emphatically recommend her services to anyone. Quotes
Steve Konkoly
Author, The Jakarta Pandemic, Black Flagged, Black Flagged Redux

Quotes Felicia is a consummate professional. I happily recommend her for any of your editing needs. Felicia's editing work took my book from merely okay to kick-ass! Quotes
Gareth C. Wood
Author, Rise and Age of the Dead

Quotes Not only is she efficient and professional, but Felicia Sullivan is a delight to work with. I loved the personal, one-on-one attention I received as Felicia edited my work. She really put me at ease, even going so far as to call me on the phone to talk shop! And we all know how difficult it can be handing off our babies to a stranger. I'd absolutely recommend Felicia, she's one of the finest I've worked with. Quotes
C. Dulaney
Author, Roads Less Traveled

Quotes Felicia A. Sullivan has a great eye for what works with a writer's story and voice. She has a simple, no nonsense approach, and works quickly and deftly with manuscripts. She was a joy to work with, and I would highly reccomend her to anyone searching for a precise, personable editor. Quotes
Lori Titus
Author, Lazarus

Quotes When Permuted Press contacted me in regards to possibly publishing my first book, Kings of the Dead, I immediately asked Felicia if she would mind editing it for me once I completed their requested expansion. Not only did Felicia provide a fast, accurate, and affordable edit of my work, she did so in a fashion that makes me happy to now call her my friend. With that being said, her professionalism is what will have me bringing my future works to her for editing. Quotes
Tony Faville
Author, Kings of the Dead
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  • "Felicia is an amazing editor. She is thorough, professional and a delight to work with. I was extremely impressed with the speed and efficiency with which she worked in editing ..."
    Mandy White
    Author, Avenging Annabelle
  • "If you need an editor, Felicia Sullivan will exceed your expectations in every way. She's an experienced professional who really cares about her work and will do everything she..."
    Author, The Corpse Goddess
  • "A very able editor with an especially good eye for redundancies and dialogue, Felicia is also quite kind and gracious when it comes to working with the author. Judging from my e..."
    Jim Lavigne
    Author, Plaguesville USA