Freelance Editor to the Indie Author Masses

What I Can Do For You 


PROOFREADING:  I will read through your book, correct typos, spelling, punctuation and word usage errors.  I will do it, but I prefer NOT to do straight proofreads, because it's too hard to see a mistake and think "that's not my job, I am proofing - not editing!" and then just leave it there. 


COPYEDITING:  I will edit for sentence structure, story consistency, grammar/syntax, and basic interior formatting, and also proofread. 


EDITING: I will review/edit text for substantive edits, content, continuity, and cohesiveness, polishing your book to as near perfection as we can get it.  I will discuss with you storylines that need closing, threads that are left hanging, plot points that need clarification, etc.  Whatever changes I do make, I take pains to keep YOUR voice, and not insert my own.  Any changes to a character's dialogue will be made in the character's voice/speaking style.  I will not ever make any major changes without discussing with you first, and will never change events or storylines.


I know you're thinking 'yeah, yeah, yeah, but how much does it cost?'  That's the good news.  Most editors charge a high per word or per page rate, which can run into thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your book.  I do not.  I charge a per project rate, that takes into account word count, length of book, amount of work, and level of editing, among other things.  This can range from $250 to $1,500, depending on the amount of work needed from me. 


This low rate is offered because I believe that many indie authors can be successful, and they just need a little help.  I keep my services affordable so that indie authors may make good use of what I can provide.


That said, I DO give discounts not only to repeat clients, but also to referrals from previous clients.  Contact me for an estimated price.


  • "What I wanted from an editor was someone who was going to make me better. It's not enough to have someone fly through my work correcting errors but not teaching me to avoid them..."
    Jonathan Yanez
    Author of The Nephilim Chronicles, Thrive, and Others
  • "I had a project of nearly 120,000 words and Felicia had the first round of edits back to me so fast I ended up dragging my feet because I wasn't expecting it. And her work is cl..."
    fast and thorough
  • "Felicia was a dream to work with. She was very accommodating, patient,and professional. She had a great eye and listened to all my questions and suggestions. What I really value..."
    Kellie Wallace
    Author of Rogue Agent