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Please read below comments from some of the authors I have worked with.

Quotes As an indie author it is challenging to find the right people to work with on making your project a success. Perhaps the greatest challenge is finding a good editor you can work with. You can do a Google search for indie editors and find hundreds. Who is competent in what they are doing? Who is not going to rip you off? Those are some of the questions that must be answered before you take the next step. Fortunately for me, I was contact by a former publisher about my book and he pointed me in the direction of Felicia. I went to her website, read the reviews of her work then contacted her. It was the best decision I could have made. Felicia has been great to work with. Timely in her work, quick to respond and polished my manuscript to the point I would place it beside any other authors work. I can't begin to tell you the burden she lifted off my shoulders. If you are wanting an honest, capable and timely editor, I suggest you reach out to Felicia. You will be glad you did. Quotes
Jeff Motes
Author of the Once Upon an Apocalypse Series

Quotes In nearly 20 years of publishing novels and short stories, I've had my share of Big House copy editors, line editors, and editorial editors, so I know what to expect from professionals in that field. For my latest project, I hired Felicia and I got more than I paid for. She saw the patterns of overused words that I'd become blind to after several drafts. She saw sentences that needed the slightest tweaking to improve them immensely. She was a great sounding-board for my own ideas on editorial changes. She's also superhuman fast; I couldn't address her notes as fast as she provided them. She absolutely improved my manuscript. Thanks, Felicia! Quotes
Bill Fitzhugh
Author of Pest Control, The Organ Grinders, and other novels

Quotes There is one word for Felicia Sullivan's editing abilities: Awesome! Felicia has an uncanny ability to take a wordy sentence that makes no sense or is awkward, change a word or two, and the result is a clean sentence. When I look at her edits I'm like, "Why didn't I think of that?? For the manuscript of Unexpected World, Felicia suggested a different ending, one that wouldn't leave readers hanging, resulting in poor reviews. I took her suggestion, changed the ending and readers are loving the book and the ending. I can highly recommend Felicia for her professionalism, keen eye for detail, and timely work. Quotes
Chris Pike
Author of Unexpected World

Quotes What I wanted from an editor was someone who was going to make me better. It's not enough to have someone fly through my work correcting errors but not teaching me to avoid them all together. Felicia was not only amazing to work with but she perfected my novel, took the time to tell me what I was doing wrong and how to fix it. I know my next book will be better because of Felicia. I've already asked my publisher if I can continue to work with her in the future. I'm looking forward to many more books with Felicia guiding my voice and with each one growing and evolving into the best author I can be. Quotes
Jonathan Yanez
Author of The Nephilim Chronicles, Thrive, and Others

Quotes When I was first introduced to Felicia, I was told she was, "Almost frighteningly brilliant." I disagree. She's not almost frighteningly brilliant. She IS frighteningly brilliant. She somehow managed to whip through my manuscript with lightning-fast speed while also detecting grammatical errors, awkward phrasing, and an embarrassing amount of overused words. And the quickness with which she replied to emails had me wondering if she knew I was going to email her and what I was going to email her about before I even started typing. It was wonderful working with Felicia. Now I can't imagine working with anyone else! Quotes
Genevieve Lynn
Author of Secondhand Sinners

Quotes Working with Felicia has been a wonderful experience. Not only is she approachable and easy to deal with, most importantly, the quality of her work is simply superb. Being my first novel, I had combed through it countless times, yet she still identified many weaknesses in my writing, improving and tightening both prose and dialogue to a traditional publishing house standard. She is also extremely prompt and efficient during the back and forth revision process which is very important. I couldn't recommend her more highly. The proof of that is my next novel has already been scheduled to be edited by her. Quotes
Mike Sheridan
Author of Outzone Drifter, Book 1: Winter's Edge

Quotes My first experience with an editor was with someone who kept trying to turn my science fiction/adventure story into either a romance or fantasy. Fortunately, I only contracted for the first part of the book. In floundering for another editor, I found Felicia from her being referenced by authors whose books I enjoyed. What a difference! Felicia focused on improving my wording and not changing the story. She pointed out bad habits I was unaware of, and I laughed when she forbade me to ever use the phrase "at least" again. "Ever, ever, ever." I believe I'm clearer now on using sets of other overused words and some habits in awkward sentence construction. For a good editing job at very reasonable prices Felicia is hard to beat. She delivered when she said she would and was open to questions during and after the process. Quotes
Olin Anderson
Author of Cast Under an Alien Sun, Book I of Destiny's Crucible

Quotes Felicia was a dream to work with. She was very accommodating, patient,and professional. She had a great eye and listened to all my questions and suggestions. What I really valued was her prompt replies to my emails. I look forward to working with Felicia in the future and recommend her services to other authors. Quotes
Kellie Wallace
Author of Rogue Agent

Quotes While looking for an editor I could work with on my first novel, I found Felicia A. Sullivan through her website. Finding critical professional services through the internet is a risk for those new to the publishing business, but in Felicia's case I found her to be a super-talented editor with the ability to separate literary diamonds from dirt, a great talent for the editor of SCHISM to have. SCHISM is a gritty crime novel with a large part of the dialogue written in street Ebonics. Felicia didn't bat an eye at the dialect; she jumped right in and waded through it, streamlining it in many places to make it easier on readers and she did it all professionally and with good humor. I found her super easy to work with, patient, and very organized, offering high-quality editing at a very reasonable price and good advice along the way. I've asked her to put my new novel, ANGELICA, on her schedule. Having Felicia on your side is like holding a hand with all the aces! Quotes
Clabe Polk
Author of Schism, and upcoming Angelica

Quotes Felicia was my saving grace in the midst of pure CHAOS! My editor went MISSING for six days, right around the time I was scheduled to have my edits done. Then my managing editor found Felicia! She took a very different approach than my previous editor. She did the nitty gritty work and allowed me to decide what to keep, what to cut, and what to revise on my own. Together, we worked on my manuscript and got it in better shape than I could have ever hoped for, and got the final draft in a day before my deadline. If it wasn't for Felicia I would have had to push back my release date and stress even more. She calmed my nerves, gave me a edited book I am more in love with now than I was before, and a professional yet friendly approach that makes me want her to be my editor all of the time. She is incredibly helpful, and will do anything to ensure you get what you need. I highly recommend Felicia. If you're wondering whether you should book her as your editor, YES, you should. Quotes
Alexandra Moore
Author of Exit Wound
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